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Through our enrichment programs, we strive to unlock the potential within each child, enabling them to thrive and achieve their dreams.


By engaging in sports, Project STORY youth experience physical well-being, emotional wellness, important social and community interactions, and valuable life lessons.  We offer indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, and basketball programming.  We ensure that each young person has what they need to participate including participation fees, equipment, clothing, and transportation. 

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Academic Assistance

Project S.T.O.R.Y. empowers our youth through academic support, personalized tutoring, college preparation, and job readiness classes. For many of our young people, English is not their first language or even spoken at home. We assist our youth in writing practice regularly to help them build their written abilities and confidence!

Creative Arts

Art and music are transformative tools at Project S.T.O.R.Y, and we encourage our young artists to explore a wide range of techniques and express themselves creatively. We believe in the profound impact of art as a therapeutic means of self-expression. Dance is a huge part of Project STORY and we partner with Empower Dance Company to offer competitive tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical dance to our kids.  We invite artists and musicians to share their talents and knowledge by teaching a class or workshop with Project STORY.  Interested? Get in touch!

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Life Skills

We equip our youth with the necessary tools to navigate real-life situations. We understand that tasks like learning to swim, applying for a job, paying taxes, getting car insurance, and navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming, so we provide them with the knowledge and skills to not only handle these challenges but also empower them to assist others. 

Leadership Training

Our youth learn, develop, and practice various communication skills including: reading, writing, public speaking, discussions, deep listening, and debating. We teach our young leaders to adapt, practice, and continuously strive for positive communication and interactions with others.  

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Outdoor Education

Project STORY kids learn about wilderness safety, wildlife, fire/shelter building, flora/fauna identification, environmental science, and more!

Being outdoors builds confidence, improves well-being, and empowers young people with knowledge about their lived environment.

Civics Academy

Civics Academy

Thanks to the help and initiative of Councilor Stacey Brown, we are able to offer essential civics education to our young generation. Promoting civic engagement leads to increased well-being of community members and greater transparency and fairness of our municipality. To get involved please reach out to Ward 5 Councilor Stacey Brown.

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Girls Program
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Girls Circle

We provide a safe space for our young women and girls to grow and learn. Through positive discussions and support from trusted adults, our girls gain knowledge and skills in various health and female-related topics. Plus, they explore wellness activities like yoga, dance, journal writing, and meditation.

Boys Circle

Boys Circle

We provide a safe space for our young men and boys to grow and learn. Through positive discussions and support from trusted adults, our boys gain knowledge and skills in various health and puberty-related topics. Plus, they explore wellness activities like yoga, team-building activities, journal writing, and meditation.

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Summer Program
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Summer Services

Project STORY's outdoor summer services run Monday through Friday from the last week of June through the last week in August.  From 10am-12pm, we provide two hours of academic tutoring, then a free picnic lunch, followed by unstructured, informal, afternoon fun time. Summer Services are weather permitting and free to Project STORY kids!


Are you a young person living in Concord, NH whose family is from another coun? Do you have skills or talents that you want to develop? Are you in need of support or services? We offer a variety of high-quality programming designed to prepare you for your next step. We help you find and develop your talents to make your dreams come true!

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