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Essential Support Services 

We build a foundation for success by first addressing children's basic needs.

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Food insecurity is a harsh reality  faced by many of our kids. Summertime and school vacations present a particular challenge when children no longer receive school meals or weekend food bags. We ensure our youth have access to sufficient food within our programs and at home.

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Project STORY youth and their families face huge transportation barriers. We bridge the gap by providing rides to sports games, job interviews, school events, and other important activities.  Check out "Project PASSENGER VAN" - our initiative to raise funds to purchase a 13 seat passenger van. 

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Our youth often lack the necessary fees, equipment, clothing, and supplies to participate in enrichment programs such as sports, dance and art. At Project S.T.O.R.Y., we ensure that each young person has what they need to participate. 

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Many of our youth need, school supplies, shoes, and school clothes for the fall. Project S.T.O.R.Y. also purchases certain necessity items for our children, and we encourage all our kids to alert staff of any needs. 

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We equip Project STORY kids with healthy coping skills to address stress, anxiety and trauma. Our Support Group meets bi-monthly to offer an outlet of support and guidance for our youth. 

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